23 Jun 2015

Ep #48: The Inner Workings of a Law Firm: Settlement Coordinators

On the third part of our behind-the-scenes look of Zanes Law firm mini-series, we cover another department essential to our success. Once a case is essentially over and the settlement amount has been agreed upon by our client and the insurance adjuster, the case transitions from a case manager to a settlement coordinator.

Our highly skilled settlement coordinators handle everything that has to do with the bills and collecting money of our clients’ cases. They are also the folks who ensure our clients get the most money after all of the bills and fees have been settled.  Tune in below to find out more…

Click here to read our recent blog post about the settlements department!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The duties of a Zanes Law Firm settlement coordinators.
  • What settlement coordinators do to ensure our clients get the biggest payout possible.
  • How long it usually takes to get a settlement check after a case has been settled.
  • How and why our client’s cases progresses between different departments.
  • Why certain payouts are bigger than others.

Featured On The Show:

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