16 Jun 2015

Ep #47: The Inner Workings of a Law Firm: Case Management Department

This week, we continue our Behind the Scenes mini-series that pulls back the curtain on how our law firm operates. On this episode, we dig into the workings of the department where the depth of the relationship between the clients and Zanes Law team begins to blossom – the Case Management Department.

Listen in as your host, Casey Hamm, explains how Zanes Law’s Case Management Department operates and contributes to the success of our firm. Find out about the duties of our case managers and the type of service you can expect from these highly-skilled and experienced individuals. Click “play” below…

Click here to read our recent blog post about the case management department!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The types of matters the Zanes Law Firm Case Management Department handles.
  • The duties of a case manager.
  • How often case managers contact clients and the flexibility they offer.
  • What kind of communication you can expect while working with one of our case managers.
  • How we ensure that our clients always have the best service.

Featured On The Show:

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