26 May 2015

Ep #44: Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

If you like to ride motorcycles, it’s important to understand the safety issues that come with this exciting mode of transportation. When you’re in an enclosed vehicle, you have a few different levels of protection around you in case of an accident. Unfortunately, all that protection does not exist for motorcyclists. Statistically, the odds of getting injured or killed on a motorcycle are much greater than in a car or a truck.

On this episode, Phoenix personal injury attorney Doug Zanes covers the topics of motorcycle accidents in Arizona and shares important safety tips to help folks stay protected on their bikes.

Listen in to find out about the most common safety rules that most motorcyclists neglect and get hurt, or even killed, in the process. Find out about the main circumstances where you need to have awareness and appropriately protect yourself. Don’t miss this episode if you or your loved one is a motorcycle rider!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The dangers of riding a motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle-related injury and fatality statistics.
  • Factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents.
  • Tips for staying safe on a bike.
  • How to handle situations where an impact is inevitable.
  • The importance of understanding that car drivers are not wired to look for motorcyclists.

Featured On The Show:

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