Ep #4: Advice to Current Law Student
15 Jul 2014

Ep #4: Advice to Current Law Student

Brian Reiley, Law Student

This week, we welcome Brian Reiley to the show. Brian is a second-year law student at Arizona Summit School of Law who has some questions about becoming an attorney and running a successful practice.

I invited Brian on the show to talk about Zanes Law firm and my prior experience in the field. Tune in to hear some great advice about setting yourself up for success as a law student and in your law career.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Zane’s Law firm was created.
  • Employment advice for new attorneys.
  • The importance of working with other attorneys.
  • How to be a better leader.
  • How to achieve success in your practice and your business.

Featured On The Show:

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