16 Dec 2014

Ep #26: Medical Treatment Options for Pregnant Women and Children

Medical Treatment Options for Pregnant Women and Children

As we have discussed on the previous podcasts, the care that you should receive after you’ve been in an accident in general is pretty straight-forward. You can see a medical doctor, orthopedist, physical therapist or a chiropractor or even in some cases alternatives like acupuncture and massage therapy. However, if the injured is a pregnant woman, seeking the proper treatment is crucial in order to heal and get properly compensated.

On this episode, Doug Zanes explains the steps you should take after an accident if you are a pregnant woman or the injured is a child, toddler or infant. Don’t miss this episodes’s tips that will help you protect your future child and/or your kids and get them the best care possible if they were injured.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What should you do if the injured is a pregnant woman and you get into an accident.
  • Whether you can go to a chiropractor or do physical therapy while you’re pregnant.
  • The importance of supervision of your medical doctor.
  • What kind of treatment should you get for your child, toddler or infant.

Featured On The Show:

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