Ep #17 : Chapter 3: I just Got Slammed! What Should I Do Next?
14 Oct 2014

Ep #17 : Chapter 3: I just Got Slammed! What Should I Do Next?

Injured In An Accident?

On today’s episode of Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips show, we continue talking about a topic addressed in Doug Zanes’s new book, Winning Your Personal Injury Case: The Ultimate 8 Step Guide to Protect Your Health, Family and Finances.

Big or small, all accidents happen extremely fast. In a mere few of seconds the whole thing is over. No one ever expects an accident to occur, but when it does, it is crucial to know what to do next. Tune in to learn about the next steps to take immediately after an accident happens. Don’t miss your chance to get prepared and protect yourself in case you get slammed!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The most important first step to take when you get seriously injured in an accident.
  • What evidence and documentation you need to collect right after the accident happens.
  • The importance of not assuming that the police officer on the scene will take down all the information you need for your case.
  • What information you should gather from the at-fault driver and witnesses and why.
  • Why you should always seek the medical care that you need, even a few days after the accident.

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