Your doctor’s role in your personal injury case


So when you’ve been hurt in an accident, what is the role of your primary care physician in your medical care?

That’s an important question because we do have lots of cases where clients will actually start to treat with, lets say, a chiropractor without seeing any other doctors. It really is important that every client see a primary care physician or some sort of medical doctor and the beginning of their case for a couple reasons. In my experience, what happens is chiropractors tend to treat back injuries and neck injuries and in their records those are the injuries that they actually document. Even though the client who’s the patient has mentioned a knee injury or mentioned a hurt elbow it doesn’t get mentioned or translated into those records. Your primary care physician will document all those injuries. They’ll document your knee injury, your elbow injury, your wrist injury, the ringing in your ears, as long as you mention it to him. That’s why we want all our clients to see a primary care physician or medical doctor in addition to lets say a chiropractor or a physical therapist, because we want complete medical records. In addition it’s your primary care physician who will sort of direct what the rest of your medical care is.

So if you’re not getting better just doing your physical therapy or just doing your chiropractic care, it’s your primary care physician who when you go back and see them and talk to them about how you’re not getting better will decide do you need to see a pain management specialist, do you need to have an MRI?

So if you’ve been hurt in an accident, understand that the medical care is very complicated and give us a call because we will help you.

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