What is Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)?


So what is AHCCCS and how does it impact your case?

Important question because, quite honestly, we have lots and lots of clients who receive AHCCCS benefits. AHCCCS is health insurance provided by the state of Arizona through Medicaid. So it’s tax payer funded, actually, tax payer money is what funds AHCCCS. It’s what pays your medical bills if you have AHCCCS. And so the government always takes care of itself, built into AHCCCS is a requirement that at the end of any personal injury case we have to pay AHCCCS back for any medical bills that they paid, or reimburse them for any medical bills that they paid. It’s the law. It’s the way it works. The upside to that is this, AHCCCS actually only pays a small fraction of what a medical provider bills them, and that medical provider is legally required to bill them. So you’re much better off paying AHCCCS their small fraction than you would be if you had to pay that medical provider the full amount. So that’s a good thing.

But we deal with AHCCCS regularly. We get reductions from AHCCCS regularly on liens that they claim.

So if you’ve been hurt in an accident and AHCCCS is your health care, or your health care plan is an AHCCCS plan, give us a call because we’ll make sure it’s handled correctly.

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