What Does a Zanes Law Paralegal Do During a Personal Injury Claim?


So what does my paralegal do with his day?

I think that’s an important question because as a client you’re wondering why you haven’t been called back yet or what your paralegal is doing each day. And, generally, the paralegals at Zanes Law and I think, quite honestly, at any other law firm are extremely busy. Paralegals have a number of clients that they’re working with at any given time so they have lots of phone calls to return to clients. But they’re also talking to your medical providers regularly. They’re ordering your medical records and getting them in and when those records come in the paralegal actually has to read through all those medical records, which can be hundreds and hundreds of pages to make sure that, so they know what information is in it. They’re working hand in hand with your attorney to make sure that your case is being handled correctly and worked correctly.

Your paralegal is talking to insurance companies on a daily basis. They’re also putting together what we call demand packages, which is when a client is done treating and we’ve got all the medical bills and records in and we package it up in a format that’s really friendly for the insurance company as we try to resolve your case. So paralegals, and our paralegals at Zanes Law, are extremely busy. Having said that, they’re not too busy to talk to you. So what happens is, when you call and leave a message, it just takes a little bit of time. A day or so sometimes for that paralegal to get back to you.

Lot’s of clients will actually call, leave a message and then two hours later call again and leave a message, then call again and leave a message. That generally isn’t very productive. But that’s the basics, so if you need help from an attorney on an accident case, call us and we can talk about more.

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