What Are The Side Effects Of Hernia Mesh?

What Are The Side Effects Of Hernia Mesh?

There are few side effects of hernia repair using hernia mesh. This type of repair reduces your risk of hernia recurrence over a more traditional repair. However, there is a significantly higher risk of complications following a repair that uses a hernia mesh implant. These complications can cause severe acute or chronic pain, fever, and other issues that may require additional surgery or other treatments.

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalled some types of hernia mesh, many people continue to suffer complications related to this type of implant, and there are thousands of lawsuits pending against mesh manufacturers.

Understanding What Can Happen After a Hernia Repair Using a Mesh Patch

Patients and doctors began reporting adverse events related to surgical mesh hernia repair implants shortly after they became available for use. Some of the most commonly reported complications include:

  • Severe pain near the hernia site
  • Infection
  • Adhesion
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Bowel perforation

Some of these complications can be severe, and they may limit the person’s ability to work and carry on other necessary activities. They may require additional procedures or other treatment, which can mean more time away from work and additional medical bills.

In addition, there are also other reported complications that may occur after a hernia repair surgery using a mesh implant. While these complications are not as common, they may still cause pain and impairment. They include:

Migration and Adhesion

Mesh migration may allow the mesh to adhere to the bowel, the bladder, or other abdominal organs. It can cause serious damage. Surgery may be required to repair the damage done and attempt to remove the mesh. However, complete removal is often impossible.

Hernia Recurrence

Hernia mesh can fail. While recurrence is not as common with hernia mesh patches as it is in a traditional repair procedure, these implants can fail. Often this occurs because of mesh migration, as well. When it comes loose and moves from its position covering the hernia, the hernia recurs. The patient then has many of the same symptoms they originally experienced — pain, a lump at the hernia site, and swelling.

While observation is sometimes an option, they will likely need another hernia repair surgery.

Repairing Hernia Mesh Complications or Treating Side Effects

In some cases, problems with hernia mesh implants may be minor enough to consider them side effects and manage them with observation. However, they are often debilitating or can cause further issues if not addressed. A relatively minor infection, for example, can quickly become systemic if not treated. This could require an open procedure to attempt to remove or clean the mesh.

When your doctor evaluates your condition, they will determine if you need to undergo an additional procedure. This is likely if you:

  • Need the hernia repaired again
  • Need to have migrated or infected mesh removed
  • Suffer bowel obstruction or perforation
  • Are at risk of bowel perforation or damage to other organs

Zanes Law May Be Able to Pursue Compensation on Your Behalf

If you suffer from severe side effects or complications or required revision surgery for your mesh patch hernia repair, the hernia mesh lawsuit attorneys from Zanes Law are here to help. We offer free case reviews. We can help you find out what type of mesh patch the surgeon used in your repair, its history of causing complications similar to yours, and how many others have already filed suit in a similar case.

You can call one of our offices for your no-cost case review. You may qualify for a hernia mesh lawsuit. There are a number of ways we can pursue a payout in this type of case. These options include:

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