The Negotiation Phase of Personal Injury Claims


So what happens when you’re done with your medical care and you’re ready to get your case resolved?

The first thing we do is we send a demand to the insurance company which is essentially a packet that includes all your medical bills, all your medical records, all the information regarding lost wages and any other damages that were claimed along with a letter that explains what we think they need to pay in order to resolve the case. Now keep in mind that’s a demand letter, and in a demand letter we are asking for an amount to start the negotiation process. Seldom does a case actually resolve for that amount. That’s just a figure we are putting out there to start the negotiation process.

What happens is the demand gets mailed and so now you have, lets say, seven to ten days for the mail process to happen, for it to arrive on the adjusters desk, it takes them a number of weeks to review everything because their also reviewing lots of other cases and during that process we are continuously calling and talking to the adjuster but quite honestly once a demand goes out it usually takes about two months to finish the negotiation process and resolve a case if we’re going to be able to settle it. It’s not an immediate process. And then once the case is resolved, if it settles, there are then things that need to be done before we are able to pay a client. Whether it’s dealing with reductions and things like that. So it can be a lengthy process. It can be a complicated process.

So if you’ve been injured in an accident, call us, and we’ll help navigate that process for you.

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