Sharing Details of Your Personal Injury Case on Social Media


So how can your case be impacted by how you use social media?

The real answer is, quite frankly, your case can be significantly impacted by how you use social media. In my experience, really if you’ve been injured in any kind of accident you don’t want to use your social media at all. When I say that I really mean at all. If you are putting posts on your Instagram or on your Facebook that show you hiking, that show you out at a bar with your friends, eventually if your case ends up in litigation that will certainly become part of the case and the at-fault party will use that to try to argue that you really weren’t all that hurt because you were, you know, out at a bar with your friends having a good time. Or you were out on a hike in the mountains. That’s the problem. It’s not just about not talking about the accident or the accident facts or your injuries on social media, which you certainly don’t want to do, but all those other things that you post can be used against you and I’ve seen used against clients who were hurt in accidents.

So the best advice I can give you is, if you’ve been injured in an accident, do not use social media at all for anything. And, if you use your social media, if you post things and then you realize at a later date that they could be used against you and you delete them, suddenly that becomes a huge problem in your case because, really, that is used to argue that you’re trying to fraudulently do things. Trying to destroy evidence, quite honestly. So just don’t use your social media until your case is done. But it’s complicated, so if you’ve been injured do me a favor, give us a call and we’ll help walk you through it.

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