Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer discusses medical treatment in a case


So why is your medical care so important and why do you need to regularly make all your medical appointments and not miss them?

Well, there are a couple reasons. One is, if you’ve been hurt in an accident, that medical care is actually what’s needed for you to get better. That’s our number one priority with any client is to actually help you find the medical care that you need and receive the treatment that you need so that you get better. As far as the legal case goes, if you have gaps in treatment, meaning if you miss medical appointments it actually has a negative impact on your case. It makes your case worth less money because the insurance company is going to argue that you really couldn’t have been that hurt because if you were you wouldn’t have missed those appointments.

For example, if you get into an accident and it takes you a month to see a doctor for the first time, the actual insurance company will argue that you really weren’t hurt in the accident. Because had you been hurt you would have seen a doctor immediately or within a day or so.

So when you wait a month it creates problems in a case and we don’t want you to have those problems. We want you to get your medical care immediately if you’ve been hurt in an accident. We want you to make all of your appointments and consistently see the doctors that you need to see so that you can get better because that helps you get better but it also helps you get a good case.

So if you’ve been injured in an accident, call us and we’ll sit down, our consultations are free, and we’ll at least explain the process to you in detail so that you don’t make those mistakes. But we’d love to help you so give us a call.

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