Personal Injury Cases Where Multiple Parties are Injured in One Accident


So what happens if several people are hurt in a car accident that you were hurt in?

Everybody who is hurt in that accident has a claim and has a right to be compensated for their injuries. So what happens is, that can negatively impact the money that you’re able to get from your accident because there’s more people making claims. When you have a limited amount of money and more people making claims each person is going to receive less. But each person involved in the accident has a right to make a claim. Each person involved in the accident should actually be represented by a lawyer to help them on their case. Whether it’s everybody in the car hiring one attorney, we represent lots of clients in that same fashion, or everybody hiring a separate attorney. That happens regularly as well. But the point is everybody involved int that accident does have a claim. They all have a right to be reimbursed and it just complicates things.

If you’ve been involved in that kind of accident and you haven’t hired an attorney to represent you it really is in your best interest to hire an attorney, so give us a call.

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