How Much Should I Ask For A Personal Injury Settlement In Phoenix?

How Much Should I Ask For A Personal Injury Settlement In Phoenix?

There is no way to know how much you should ask for in a personal injury settlement in Phoenix without first gathering documentation of your related expenses and losses. This is just the first step in putting an accurate settlement value on a personal injury case. You will also need to consider putting a value on your future expenses and noneconomic damages.

Many people opt to enlist the help of an attorney once they realize the complexity of calculating the value of this type of case. This is the best way to ensure you demand a fair payout in your case. In addition, your attorney can handle the settlement negotiation and take your case to trial if the insurance company refuses a just settlement. In specific cases, there may be situations that impact the amount you could receive, like the contributory negligence statute AZ § 12-2509—which would become relevant in a car accident case.

Documenting Your Current Expenses and Losses

While it can be time-consuming and stressful, gathering information about your current expenses and losses is the easiest part of putting a fair value on your Phoenix personal injury case. You will need to try to remember all your expenses related to your injuries and collect documentation to prove them. This may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pharmacy receipts
  • Bills from other medical supply companies
  • Receipts from parking at the hospital or doctor’s office
  • Receipts for your out-of-pocket expenses

Then, you should document your current losses. This will likely focus on your time away from work, although there could be other economic losses you suffered. To prove your missed wages and benefits, you will need to provide paperwork that shows your previous wages and the time you missed from work because of your injuries.

Considering Future Expenses and Noneconomic Damages

With the paperwork that proves your current economic damages filed, it is time to consider other types of damages you suffered as a result of your injuries. Because putting a value on these damages is more difficult, many people tend to overlook them. However, by failing to calculate a fair value for these damages, you could:

  • Have to pay for future medical care out of your pocket; and/or
  • Leave half—or more—of the money you are entitled to pursue on the negotiating table

Future expenses related to your damages generally include necessary medical care related to your injuries and work you will miss in the future for injury-related reasons. For example, if you suffered burns and will likely later need cosmetic surgery to help reduce scarring, this would be a future expense you might want to consider.

When we put a value on likely future expenses, we work closely with experts, including medical specialists and economists, who can help us calculate a price for future damages. We also calculate a fair price for your pain and suffering damages. When injuries are serious, this can be double—or more—your economic damages.

Putting a fair value on noneconomic losses like pain and suffering and emotional distress is very difficult without understanding the complex methods insurance companies come up with a price for these damages.

Enlisting the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney From Zanes Law

When Zanes Law handles a personal injury case, we complete a full investigation. This includes not only gathering evidence to prove negligence and liability but also evidence to prove your damages. We will handle all the steps of the process on your behalf, including:

  • Looking for often-overlooked economic damages like pain and suffering
  • Calling in experts to help us prove future care expenses and related losses
  • Calculating a fair value for your noneconomic losses
  • Putting a value on your personal injury case
  • Demanding a fair payout from the insurance company

Our attorneys are trained negotiators who regularly go toe-to-toe with insurance companies and recover settlements on behalf of our clients. We will seek a fair settlement in your case. If the insurance company refuses, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial if necessary.

It is important to know that AZ § 12-542 generally only gives you two years from the date of an accident to take legal action. For this reason, it is important that you reach out to us as soon as possible after your injuries stabilize. We will evaluate your case for free, and you can sign up on the same phone call or during our visit to your home or hospital room.

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If you suffered injuries in a Phoenix personal injury case and wonder how much to ask for in an insurance settlement, Zanes Law can help. We will review your case for free and explain your legal options. It is impossible to predict how much you should ask for in personal injury settlement in Phoenix before analyzing every angle of your case.

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