Double Medical Treatment in a Personal Injury Claim


Double treatment. What does that mean and how does that impact your case? Actually what double medical treatment means is it’s when somebody receives lets say chiropractic care and physical therapy both for their low back at the exact same time. That’s always a problem in an injury case.

If you’ve been in an accident and you’re receiving medical care, let’s say treatment for a low back injury, we want you to treat with one provider at a time.

If you’re doing physical therapy and it works and you get better, great. If it’s not working then you’ll go back to see your primary care physician and talk to them about how it’s not working and see what can you recommend next. And then you’ll go and do that. And it works the same with starting with chiropractic care. Because what the insurance company won’t do and it’s going to be very difficult to make them do is pay for treatment of the same body part with two different providers at the exact same time because it’s generally not going to be medically justified. But just from that answer you can see how complicated it is.

And so if you’ve been hurt in an accident, call us and we’ll sit down, we’ll explain it all to you and we’ll figure out what needs to be done to help you get a good resolution on your case because it is so complicated.

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