Can A Hernia Mesh Rupture?

Can A Hernia Mesh Rupture?

Hernia mesh can rupture, tear, or rip and cause the hernia to recur. This can result in the same symptoms that required you to undergo hernia repair surgery in the first place. There are also numerous reports of other serious hernia mesh complications and pending litigation against several hernia mesh manufacturers.

If your hernia mesh patch implant ruptured, failed, or otherwise required revision surgery or another treatment, you can pursue a legal case against the manufacturer of your failed surgical mesh implant.

How Hernia Mesh Ruptures and Causes Mesh Failure

A hernia occurs when there is an issue with your own internal tissue and a hole develops that allows an internal organ to protrude through the hole. Often, this hole occurs in the abdominal wall and the intruding organ is the intestine. When a surgeon uses a mesh patch to close the hole in the abdominal wall, the patch provides support for the surrounding tissues.

This patch can rupture, tear, or rip for several reasons. There may be an issue if:

  • The mesh erodes
  • The mesh is made of weak materials
  • The surgeon does not secure the mesh in place properly
  • The mesh shrinks or expands
  • The mesh adheres to other tissues or organs

Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Rupture

If your hernia mesh repair ruptures and causes a hernia recurrence, you could experience symptoms that include:

  • Lack of healing at the incision site
  • Wrinkled mesh under the skin
  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Swelling
  • Bulging at the hernia site
  • Fever, nausea, vomiting, and other signs of infection

While these symptoms may indicate a mesh rupture, they could also signal other serious complications that include:

  • Mesh migration
  • Adhesions
  • Infection
  • Bowel obstruction or bowel perforation

Hernia Mesh Rupture and Other Complications Often Require Surgical Repair

Your doctor may to need to perform revision surgery if you suffer a hernia mesh rupture or other hernia patch complication. The go-to option in most cases involves surgery to attempt to remove the old mesh patch and repair the hernia again.

Unfortunately, this procedure is usually much more invasive than the original repair surgery and often less successful. It is difficult or impossible to remove many mesh implants, especially if they migrate and embed in other tissues.

There Are Pending Mass Torts Against Hernia Mesh Manufacturers

Thousands of people have suffered complications following a hernia repair using surgical mesh. Many of them are taking legal action against the manufacturers, participating in multidistrict litigation (MDL) already underway or filing individual lawsuits. If you suffered a hernia mesh rupture or other complication and required revision surgery or other treatment, you may have a case against the maker of your mesh implant, too.

A hernia mesh lawsuit lawyer can explain your legal options, check to see if the hernia mesh used in your surgery is among those the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled, and request your relevant medical records to build a strong case on your behalf. We will go to work for you today with the goal of:

  • Joining a pending MDL or another mass tort
  • Helping form a new mass tort
  • Filing an individual claim and pursuing an award or settlement

We will take your case to court if necessary, navigating the MDL system or handling your case individually. We will fight for the payout you need and deserve, and pursue damages on your behalf that include:

  • Past and future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Miscellaneous related expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Attorney’s fees

We handle hernia mesh ruptures and other defective medical device cases on a contingency-fee basis. You never pay any attorney’s fees out of pocket. We only get paid after we recover a court award or settlement in your case.

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