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Arizona Burn Injury Attorneys Who Win

Zanes Law is an Arizona based personal injury law firm. We have offices staffed with burn injury lawyers in both Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona. We also have attorneys handling burn injury cases in our Seattle office. Burn injuries are one of the most tragic things we deal with at Zanes Law, but our Arizona burn injury attorneys are here to take care of you and your family at this difficult time. Because it is important for us to be accessible, you can find our Arizona burn accident lawyers in both our Phoenix and Tucson offices. Accidental burns can be caused by construction accidents, kitchen accidents, and restaurants being careless in food delivery to your table.

If you’ve been burned due to someone else’s carelessness, our Arizona burn injury attorneys can help hold them accountable for your injuries. We’ve helped burn victims recover millions of dollars in damages from the people responsible for their accident.

After being burned, it’s critical that you seek medical attention. While waiting for help to arrive, submerge your wound in cold water, Ensure that you are completely safe, far away from the source of the burn injury.

Carefully listen to the instructions of your doctor. Recovering from a burn injury is a long, painful process. By carefully following their instructions, you can limit disfigurement and hasten recovery.


Contact the Zanes Law Arizona Burn Injury Attorneys

It’s important that you carefully write down the details surrounding your burn accident as soon as you’ve reached safety. Every detail matters. DO NOT take calls from insurance companies or individuals representing the people responsible for your injuries. If they come to your hospital room, tell them that you’d like them to contact your Arizona burn injury attorneys at Zanes Law.

Give Zanes Law a call as soon as possible after your accident. Our experienced team of burn injury lawyers in Phoenix and Tucson will gather important information and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies know that burn victims, due to the permanent scarring and painful healing process, may be entitled to larger compensation – especially if the burn injury claim goes to court. They will try every trick in the book to get you to agree to a low cash settlement. Our burn injury attorneys in Phoenix and Tucson have seen it!

Unfortunately, if you fail to talk to an experienced Arizona burn injury attorneys in a timely manner, you may be tempted to accept far less than you’re legally entitled to. The personal injury laws in Arizona provide compensation based on the long-term costs of your injuries. Sometimes patients see a dollar amount being offered, and medical bills piling up, and quickly agree to a fast cash settlement.

Don’t be fooled. Call our burn injury lawyers in Phoenix, Tucson, or Seattle for a free consultation regarding your burn injury. We have more than a decade of experience helping answer questions and providing legal guidance for victims – reducing stress and improving the outcome for you and your family.


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Filing a Burn Injury Claim in Arizona

Our Arizona burn injury attorneys will tell you that it’s important to file a burn injury claim in a timely manner. Different insurance companies apply different guidelines to burn injury claims. If you fail to file the appropriate paperwork, including all of the relevant evidence and medical paperwork before the deadline, your claim could be denied.

In Arizona, there’s also a limit on when personal injury claims can be filed with the court system. Your right to hold the person or company that caused your burn injury accountable in court does expire. In Arizona, generally speaking, your burn injury claim must be filed with the court within two years of the accident.

There are nuances to these limitations that could make this time-period shorter or longer. Your best bet is to give our Arizona burn injury attorneys a call right now. We won’t pressure you into signing up as a client. Our goal is to answer your questions and empower you to make the best decisions that help you take care of your family during this difficult time.

If you do hire us to file your burn injury claim, we’ll handle all of the back-and-forth with the insurance company and anyone else involved on your behalf. You can say goodbye to the high-pressure, low-ball burn injury settlement offers from the other side.

The first goal of our Arizona burn injury attorneys is to negotiate a favorable settlement to your burn injury claim. We demand that insurance companies cover the total cost of your burn injury – including long-term care, emotional suffering from physical disfigurement and loss of potential income.

Some burn injury claims aren’t handled properly by insurance companies, or taken seriously by the people responsible for causing you harm. If this is the case, we’ll take the other side to court and fight for your right to be treated with respect and dignity under Arizona personal injury laws.

It is in your best interest to call the Zanes Law Arizona burn injury attorneys right now. We’re available 24/7 and have the hands-on experience filing and fighting for burn injury claims in Arizona. We’ll answer your questions for free, and you won’t see a bill from us for our services until we’ve successfully helped you recover the damages you’re entitled to under Arizona law.

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