Can I Sue for Chemical Burns?

Can I Sue for Chemical Burns?

Should you suffer burns from exposure to chemicals on the job or while visiting a business, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. You do need to prove negligence on the part of someone else to sue for chemical burns in Phoenix.

Chemical exposure can result in extremely serious injuries for the victims. It is important to seek medical care after the injury, as a doctor can determine the severity of the injuries. The doctor also will set out a course of treatment that you can follow.

Chemical Hazards are Everywhere

You could suffer a chemical burn almost anywhere. A faulty product could result in a chemical burn at home. Or you could suffer chemical exposure at your job, resulting in a serious burn. Some of the most common causes of chemical burns include:

  • Defective product: the product leaks a chemical that burns the victim.
  • Chemical spill: dangerous chemicals struck someone because of a negligent or careless act by another person.
  • Exposure to chemicals: someone did not clean a chemical spill properly, leading to exposure.
  • Overuse of chemicals: a business performing a service overused a chemical, causing a burn, such as at a beauty salon or a swimming pool.

Other incidents of exposure to hazardous chemicals may have occurred beyond those we have listed here.

Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

Should you work at a business that manufactures chemicals or uses chemicals for any reason, you could suffer exposure. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard, it is the duty of your employer to provide proper training to anyone who will be in the presence of chemical hazards and toxic substances to reduce the possibility of injury.

Employers also must provide protective gear to employees. Broken items that could lead to chemical exposure should be fixed immediately.

You have the right to file suit for chemical burns, even if the injury occurred at your place of employment. It is possible that the lawsuit could become a worker’s compensation case.

Types of Chemical Burn Injuries

After a chemical burn, a victim could potentially suffer from a wide variety of injuries. Some of these injuries will cause significant health problems for the victim now and well into the future. Some common long-term injuries from chemical burn exposure may include:

  • Infection in wounds
  • Significant pain
  • Loss of skin
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Nerve damage
  • Breathing problems
  • Blindness
  • Internal organ damage

Injuries other than what we have listed here could occur after a chemical burn. Victims may suffer emotional trauma and a loss of quality of life. Victims are eligible to receive compensation for any physical or psychological injuries.

Chemical Burn Symptoms

After being exposed to chemicals, you may feel fine, so you might not seek medical treatment right away. However, some symptoms of chemical burns may not show up until later. These symptoms may include:

  • Skin redness
  • Formation of blisters or damage to the skin
  • A growing pain or numbness
  • Loss or reduction in vision after eye exposure
  • Coughing or difficulty breathing after lung exposure
  • Burning feeling in the throat after ingesting a chemical

If you suffer any of these symptoms or if you feel ill after a chemical exposure, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. You need to have your chemical injuries diagnosed properly, and the doctor will document them for you.

Proving Negligence

To successfully sue after suffering a chemical burn injury, you need to prove negligence on the part of someone else. This proof requires four items to be true.

  • Duty of care: the person or business has a duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for employees or patrons.
  • Breach of duty: the responsible party acted in a way that put you at risk or failed to act to prevent the chemical burn from occurring.
  • Injury: a doctor diagnosed you with an injury resulting from the chemical burn.
  • Causation: you can prove that another person caused your chemical burn injury.

Fulfilling these four items establishes negligence on the part of another party, which will strengthen your chances of winning a lawsuit.

Compensation for Injuries from Exposure to Chemicals

When you have been injured because of the negligence of another person, causing chemical burns on any part of your body, you have the right to receive compensation and sue for chemical burns in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is important to ensure that the business that caused your injuries is held responsible for its negligence. Sometimes, the only way a business makes changes to how it operates is when a third party steps in and points out unsafe conditions.

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