Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Burn Injury Case?

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Burn Injury Case?

Sometimes a burn can be the result of someone’s negligence, and you could have a case to collect financial awards. Each case is different, though, and you will have to decide whether you need the help of a lawyer. Before making that decision, you should know how a lawyer can help you pursue compensation after suffering a burn caused by another person’s negligence.

First, Seek Medical Attention for Your Burn

Burns can be very serious, and if you have not yet sought medical attention for your burn, you should seriously consider doing so. Even if you have treated the immediate effects of the burn, be aware that as many as 10,000 people die each year from burn-related infections in the United States.

Some basic treatments for your burn include:

  • Applying cool, but not freezing cold, water to the burn, then applying a wet compress.
  • Refraining from using ice, as this can cause even more damage to the tissue where the burn has occurred.
  • Applying lotion to the burn at regular intervals.
  • Refraining from popping or otherwise touching any blisters that may emerge, except to apply lotion.
  • Applying a gauze bandage loosely.
  • Taking pain relievers as needed.

Once you have taken care of the burn, consider the cause of your burn and whether somebody may have been at fault.

Potential Circumstances Under Which a Burn Calls for Litigation

The circumstances of each burn are different, but there are some common threads between cases in which negligence leads to a burn and whether you might need a lawyer for your burn injury case in Phoenix.

Some circumstances that may lead to a person being burned through no fault of their own include:

  • Faulty heat-emitting products, such as cell phones, laptops, stoves, microwaves, chargers, hairdryers, or curlers.
  • Faulty electrical wiring, whether it is sparking or leads to a fire.
  • A car accident where you came into contact with hot components of the vehicle or a fire caused by the collision.
  • Trucking accidents including tanker explosions.
  • Locked fire exits in the case of a fire or explosion.
  • Workplace injuries, especially in workplaces where hot material is prevalent, such as a machine shop.
  • Coming into contact with hot, exposed pipes.
  • A fire in a public venue.

These are just some of the circumstances in which a person may be burned because of someone else’s negligence. If you have been burned in these or another circumstance that was not your fault, consider whether you need a lawyer for your burn injury case in Phoenix.

How a Lawyer Can Help in a Burn Injury Case

Speaking to a lawyer is not a commitment to hiring them. A lawyer’s first contribution to you can be helping you decide whether you should bring litigation at all. If you decide to bring forth litigation against the party responsible for your burn, a lawyer can help by:

  • Speaking with you about the circumstances in which your burn occurred, documenting your account, and helping you identify who the liable party or parties in your case are.
  • Initiating legal action right away so that your case conforms to any relevant statutes of limitation.
  • Speaking to medical professionals to document the extent of your burn and obtaining their professional opinion on how the cause of the burn contributed to your injuries.
  • Documenting evidence of the burn’s cause, whether it is a defective product, a vehicle that has been in an accident, or whatever it is that led to your burn.
  • Handling all legal responsibilities required to complete a judgment or settlement against the liable party.
  • Protecting your rights and privacy throughout the legal process.

If someone else caused your burn, whether it is a manufacturer who sold you a faulty product or another motorist who put you at great risk of harm through dangerous behavior, you have the right to obtain justice through the civil courts. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal avenues and also help you pursue any financial awards you are entitled to receive.

You Could Be Eligible for Compensation

If somebody else’s actions caused your burn, then you could be eligible for compensation from the liable party. A successful case could bring you financial awards covering:

  • The medical cost of caring for your burn.
  • Any wages you lost while recovering from the burn.
  • Any permanent scarring from the burn.
  • The mental anguish that you endured during and after the burn accident.
  • Any long-term physical or psychological care required because of the burn and the circumstances that caused it.

You could also be eligible for punitive damages if the defendant in your case knowingly put you at risk of injury. This is something to keep in mind as you consider whether you need a lawyer for a burn injury case in Phoenix.

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