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About The Zanes Law Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers

Zanes Law is a group of top Tucson personal injury lawyers and it has two offices in Tucson, Arizona. Our Tucson personal injury attorneys are a group of experienced accident  lawyers who fight diligently for accident victims while keeping in line with the firm’s core values. If you are one of the accident lawyers at Zanes Law, you are required to adhere to a high standard of excellence, representing the client well while working as a team to ensure the clients’ financial well-being.  Typically, after a car accident is when someone who is hurt begins to search for a car accident injury lawyer in Tucson.  But there is confusion out there about the difference between accident lawyers, a car accident injury lawyer, and civil lawyers.  Quite honestly, the answer is that there is no difference.  Each of these is simply another name for a lawyer who handles injury cases.

With a growing roster of thousands of satisfied clients over the last decade, the Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers have firsthand trial experience and know the ins-and-outs of many types of litigating cases, including:

Auto accidents
Truck accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Slip and fall
Burn Injuries
Wrongful death
Swimming Pool Accidents / Drownings
Dog Bites
Construction Accidents
Nursing Home Abuse

Boasting more than 50 years of combined experience, every Zanes Law Accident lawyer will work diligently to help you receive a fair settlement amount that includes compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages and more.

The Zanes Law staff is continuously learning and growing, staying up-to-date on emerging technologies and issues such as truck and motor vehicle accidents, catastrophic injury accidents, traumatic brain injury and wrongful death.

Today, Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers are leaders in their industry and the firm has  expanded to encompass three locations across Arizona.

Evaluating Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts Obtained by Our Accident Lawyers

To date, our law firm has obtained settlements and verdicts that have a cumulative value of more than $140 million because our Tucson personal injury lawyers know how to make insurance companies compensate our clients. Our accident lawyers actually work up our client’s injury cases by making sure that our clients get the medical care that they need, by investigating the accident, by hiring the experts that are needed on the case, and by fighting! Insurance companies don’t just pay because it is the right thing to do, The pay because our accident lawyers make them pay.  We do this by using the needed experts to accelerate the process of getting our clients compensated properly. It is also our reputation and our willingness to litigate a case and make the insurance company participate in a personal injury trial that gives us an edge.  We are civil lawyers in every sense of the word.

One example of the ability of the Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyers drive to win is a case where we negotiated a settlement for clients who sustained severe injuries when a truck hit their vehicle. Our accident lawyers obtained a settlement of more than $1.3 million. We made sure that our clients received the medical care that they needed, we made sure that we documented our client’s pain and suffering, we evaluated the effects of their injuries by retaining the correct experts, we also hired the experts that were needed to reconstruct the accident, and we sued and forced the insurance company to compensate our clients.

In another case, a Zanes Law client was riding a motorcycle when a car that was speeding struck him. This client turned to our Tucson personal injury lawyers.  We worked up the case properly and we were able to negotiate a settlement of more than $1.1 million. But more importantly, our client fully recovered from his injuries.  Any one injured would have a hard time finding a group of car accident injury lawyers who could have done a better job on this case than Zanes Law.

In another case, our Tucson personal injury lawyers and the experts that we hired represented a client who was injured in a car accident at a time when the client did not have any health insurance coverage. So our focus was taking sure that our client received the medical care needed so that he could heal. Eventually he recovered from his injuries and our accident lawyers were able to resolve his case for $250,000.

Our Tucson personal injury lawyers were also able to help a client who was injured after tripping on a carpet that was incorrectly positioned in a small shop. Initially, a doctor indicated that the injuries were minor, but the client’s pain and suffering was major. But after our medical experts completed further evaluations, the client underwent surgery and recovered. Our attorneys obtained a settlement worth more than $210,000 for this client.

The American Society of Legal Advocates for Injury Attorneys

The American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA) has endorsed car accident injury lawyer Doug Zanes. The ASLA is a well-known organization that examines the services that attorneys offer, recommends skilled lawyers, and evaluates attorneys’ charitable contributions. Currently, the ASLA endorses less than one percent of all licensed attorneys.

Examining Testimonials of Zanes Law Clients

In their reviews, many of our clients have indicated that both our car accident lawyers in Tucson as well as our Tucson personal injury lawyers offered frequent updates on the status of their cases. Our Tucson personal injury attorneys regularly highlight new information that could accelerate the process of settling. Numerous reviewers have mentioned the care, understanding, and compassion that our experienced lawyers exemplify as they work to relieve the stress of our injured clients. Moreover, a large number of our satisfied clients have referred their friends and family members to our company.

Tucson Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Charitable Organizations

Giving back to our Tucson community is at the core of Zanes Law. Over the past fifteen years we have established yearly Teacher School Supply Giveaway where we donate tens-of-thousands of dollars in school supplies to our local Tucson teaches. As a company we also perform quarterly community service so that we can give back to our Tucson community as a team. We have done everything from participating in love of reading week, to cooking at The Ronald McDonald House, to helping at GAP Ministries. At Zanes Law our Tucson personal injury lawyers like to say that helping our clients is our passion, but helping our Tucson community is our mission.

Arizona, Zanes

Offering Services to Clients Who Have Been Injured in Accidents

If you are injured in an accident, a Zanes Law Tucson personal injury lawyer and the experts that we use will do their best to determine the accident’s cause. We will evaluate factors that could have prevented the accident, consider the emotional distress the injury has caused you, and study previous cases involving similar types of accidents. We will calculate the cumulative worth of your damaged property and determine the costs of your medical care, in addition to assessing the types of medical services you will require.

Examining the Factors That Caused an Accident and Presenting Relevant Medical Reports

During a trial, the expert witness that we retain will be able to testify about their accident investigation and their findings. Prior to trial, they will prepare reports that describe what precipitated the incident.  Our Tucson personal injury attorneys will extensively study the scene of the accident and each item involved in it. We will examine the actions of the individuals who were at the scene of the accident. Medical specialists will also describe the effects of your injuries and the types of surgical procedures that you need because of the accident.

Medical Services After an Injury Accident

Once our attorneys describe the medical care that your injuries necessitated, we will examine the types of therapy you might require. We will evaluate medications you might need, any assistance that would improve your quality of life, products that could reduce the effects of your injuries, and future appointments your doctors might recommend. Our experts will sometimes even evaluate surgeries you might need in the future. We will effectively determine the long-term costs of your medical care.

Getting Compensated For Property Damage After a Car Accident

If your property has sustained damage in an car accident, a car accident injury lawyer at Zanes Law will determine the worth of both your vehicle as well as any personal items that were damaged. We will examine the market value of similar goods, consider the cumulative worth of a product’s components, and calculate repair costs. If needed, we will schedule an extensive evaluation in order to effectively determine the value of damaged historical items.

How a Car Accident Injury Lawyer Reconstructs an Crash Scene

If you have been injured in a car accident, our Tucson personal injury lawyers will investigate road conditions, the speed of each vehicle, vehicle damage and vehicle positions, tire skid marks that could be associated with braking, and obstacles that might have caused the collision. By studying the damage to your vehicle, our experts can generally determine the angles of each vehicle and the speeds of the cars that caused the collision. Our specialists will also inspect the road signs near the scene in order to determine whether or not the drivers involved followed the directions on the signs.

Hiring Personal Injury Experts to Investigate Your Claim

When our Tucson personal injury attorneys start to manage your case, we will hire the experts that are needed to develop an organized report containing any information relevant to the case. This information can include statements of individuals involved in the accident, descriptions of the scene, lawyer notes, images of the scene, and descriptions of similar incidents. The report will include extensive descriptions of your injuries, as well as medical services that could improve your condition. The report will also include negotiation details if our lawyers are negotiating a settlement.

When Unsafe Products Have Caused Injuries

If a defective product has injured you, our experienced personal injury lawyers will study the design of the product, its associated risks, the materials in the product, and independent product reviews that mention faulty components. We might analyze reports and settlements pertaining to other injuries the faulty product has caused.

Evaluating Accidents That Are Related to Construction

When managing cases that involve severe injuries at construction sites, our Tucson personal injury attorneys will assess the condition of the construction equipment. We will look at the quality of the materials that the company uses, the experience of the site’s managers, and reports that describe hazardous conditions. We will also evaluate procedures that could notably improve safety, as well as analyze guidelines and regulations that independent organizations have created.

Examining the Reports That Witnesses Offer

When you become our client, our attorneys will immediately create a list of witnesses and obtain detailed witness statements. If our law firm does not rapidly obtain a settlement for you, we can interview these witnesses during the trial. We will highlight various sections of the reports that clearly describe the causes of your accident. We will emphasize the seriousness of your injuries, the negligence that increased the risk of your accident, and the reactions of people involved in the situation.

Evaluating Emotional Distress and the Effects of Stress

Once you receive the medical acre that is needed to recover from the emotional distress directly connected to your accident and injuries, our injury lawyers can ask for compensation for your accident’s emotional effects. We can evaluate and submit reports from therapists who have determined the psychological impact of your injury, and our experts will present these evaluations if your case goes to trial.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Will a Consultation Help Me?

During your free consultation, our Tucson personal injury attorneys will examine the types of injuries you have sustained and the factors that caused your injuries. We will evaluate the medical services you’ve received, what evidence we need for your case, and other cases involving similar injuries and scenarios. We will also look at the types of insurance claims we might create, the estimated duration of the process, images of the scene of the accident, and the number of witnesses you have.

If I’m Injured, Should I Submit an Insurance Claim Right Away?

You should contact one of our Tucson personal injury lawyers before creating an insurance claim. Our lawyers will gather reports and evidence associated with your injuries, pain and suffering, and medical care. Before you submit your claim, we can estimate the worth of a settlement and the long-term costs of the care that you might require, in addition to offering numerous types of proof related to your case.

If I Don’t Have Health Insurance Can I Get Medical Care?

If you have been injured in an accident and are uninsured, our Tucson personal injury attorneys can help you obtain medical care. This is important because we want to minimize your pain and suffering as much as possible. Our vast experience enables us to recommend medical centers and hospitals that offer services specific to your situation. Once you receive medical care, we can quickly gather evidence and study your medical reports.

What Happens If I’ve Been Injured in Two Accidents?

If you’ve already been injured and then experience a second accident, medical experts will create reports evaluating the factors that differentiate the effects of your accidents. The doctors will determine the types of medical services that each accident requires. Our car accident injury lawyers will create a timeline that describes the events that caused each accident. Moreover, we might offer separate evidence pertaining to each accident you’ve experienced.

How Should I Deal with a Minor Injury?

If you sustain a seemingly minor injury in an accident, you should still contact the accident lawyers at Zanes Law. Certain injuries initally have minor symptoms that then become more severe and impact an individual’s mobility. Numerous medical reports show that certain seemingly mundane injuries eventually necessitate surgical procedures because the symptoms worsen within three months.

How Will Zanes Law Evaluate Unsafe Conditions That Have Caused an Injury?

If hazardous conditions have directly contributed to your injury, our experienced accident lawyers will review videos showing the unsafe conditions. We might analyze reports from people who witnessed the dangerous conditions and their effects. Our Tucson personal injury attorneys will also evaluate any negligence that might have caused your injury.

What Should I Do Immediately After An Accident?

If you are at the scene of an accident, you should immediately call first responders who will provide medical care. You can then create a list of details about the scene of the accident, develop a checklist of facts, and take photographs of the scene. Multiple studies have shown that, within one hour of a collision, some drivers forget more than 38 percent of the facts related to it. So if you have been injured, you should quickly create a description of the incident that can be provided to one of our Tucson personal injury attorneys.

How Does Zanes Law Examine the Reports That Witnesses Offer?

Once our experienced accident lawyers interview witnesses and obtain statements, we will compare those statements to independent reports and to the scene of the accident. This technique significantly increases the likelihood of a settlement. If a case requires a trial, the matching testimonies are likely to reinforce your claims and indicate the exact causes of your injuries.

Will the Zanes Law Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Frequent Updates?

When you choose Zanes Law, our Tucson personal injury attorneys will generally give you monthly updates and you will speak with your Case Manager at least every two weeks. You can call our law firm at any time in order to request a description of your case’s status. If our attorneys obtain new information or additional images of the scene of the accident, we will typically call you within 24 hours.

Can I Speak to an Experienced Accident Lawyer?

When you call Zanes Law you can speak with one of our many Tucson personal injury attorneys who has significant experience handling these cases. Your lawyer will describe the techniques that our law firm utilizes, the types of cases that we regularly manage, and settlements that our injury lawyers have obtained. If you would like to schedule a consultation, you can call 520-777-7777.

How Can I View Testimonials and Descriptions of the Services That Your Lawyers Offer?

If you have any questions about Zanes Law, please use this website to evaluate client reviews, watch videos describing our services, review settlements that our accident lawyers have obtained, and listen to podcasts that discuss different injury case topics. You can also look at our company blog and at updates related to our law firm. Moreover, you can view guides and a list of services that our company offers.


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    After I was hit by a drunk driver last year, Zanes Law handled my case and my experience was a positive one. Even though the guy was never given a sobriety test (due to a lot of inconvenient and frustrating circumstances including police incompetence and other thin

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    Good people to work with.

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    I never though of myself as a person that would ever file a lawsuit, but sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do to get what you need/deserve this was one of those times i didn't know a thing about the process they we very helpful in answering all of my

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