Police officers have some legal immunities when they’re on duty. That does not mean that they can act unreasonably, though. If a police officer violates the duty of care owed to you or your loved ones, you can take up a lawsuit against them. A police shooting attorney in Tucson can help.

Zanes Law Injury Lawyers can work with you to assess the extent of your police shooting injuries. From there, we can submit a legal complaint on your behalf. Our familiarity with police immunities throughout Arizona can help us fight for the financial support you need to recover from your losses.

Police Immunity and Your Right to Sue

Police officers, like other government officials operating in Arizona, are entitled to a degree of qualified immunity. Arizona elaborates on this immunity in A.R.S. § 12-821.01. This statute both protects police officers from certain suits and limits the amount of time in which you can file an applicable suit.

That said, there are exceptions to this rule. If you’ve been shot by an officer and believe the department used excessive force when addressing your concerns, you can turn to 42 U.S.C. § 1983. This statute overrules Arizona’s state law and allows you to pursue civil litigation provided that you can offer up evidence of the aforementioned excessive force.

Intimidation Attempts: What to Know About Pursuing Legal Action Against the Police

Insurance companies and police departments alike do not want to pay you compensation for a police shooting. That’s why insurance adjusters will try to underestimate your losses. Police stations, too, will defend their accused employees, often engaging in intimidation efforts to try and get you to repeal your suit.

It’s these attempts to deny you the compensation you deserve that drive us to do what we do. A Tucson police shooting attorney can both prepare you for intimidation attempts and help you combat them.

If you’re able to record attempted intimidations or conversations that would otherwise deny you coverage, we can present that evidence in court. We can also reference previous records of police misconduct when bringing your case together.

Police Shooting Settlement Offers: What to Expect

There are some circumstances under which a precinct brought up in a civil case may reach out to you. In these cases, representatives may discuss a settlement offer with you in an attempt to avoid time in court. These settlements often appear to cover the full extent of your losses at first glance. However, they can often undervalue your losses.

If you do receive a settlement offer in a police shooting case, do not accept without consulting an attorney. Do not sign any paperwork the police station gives you without consulting a professional, either. If you’re not careful, you may sign away your right to legal recourse.

When you work with police shooting lawyers in Tucson, AZ, we can compare any settlement offer you receive against our own estimate of your possible compensation. What’s more, we can read through the paperwork that comes with a settlement offer and ensure that you’re not being robbed of your rights upon signing.

Presenting Your Losses in a Legal Complaint

While A.R.S §12-821.01 may limit your personal injury filing deadline to 180 days, the format of your complaint is the same as it would be for any other accident. To have a county clerk consider your case, you’ll need to state:

  • Who to hold liable for your losses
  • Why you believe that party to be liable for your losses
  • What evidence you have tying the party to your accident
  • To what degree you and your loved one suffered injury

We can begin gathering evidence to support your claim even before you finish your essential medical care. All the while, we’ll ask that you keep track of any medical bills or repairs that you need to recover. We can use these forms as evidence when we eventually present your case.

You Need Financial Support to Recover From a Police Shooting

Speaking of bills: we know recovering from a bullet wound is far from inexpensive. That’s why we ask you to keep track of the expenses you have related to your condition. When you can present evidence of your loss’s cost, you can more effectively bargain for financial support.

For example, if you prove that a police officer or precinct is responsible for your injuries, you can request compensation for your:

  • Bullet-related medical bills
  • Pain management aids
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost opportunities for employment
  • Wrongful death
  • Funeral expenses

Losses like pain and suffering may not come with a bill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in your personal injury settlement. Tucson police shooting attorneys can bring forward legal precedent to defend your right to these non-economic damages.

Our Attorneys Are Here to Help You

If you haven’t considered your legal options before, it may seem impossible to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Our team knows what rights Arizona and federal laws afford to you, though. We’re prepared to work within those rights if it means securing you the compensation you need to recover from a police shooting.

When you come to our team with your concerns, we can discuss how you can address your claim and how much time you have to act. We’ll calculate your possible compensation and present your composed complaint to a county clerk.

Should your police shooting case move forward, you can count on us throughout negotiations and a traditional trial. We’ll work to prevent police intimidation tactics and fight back against any attempt to deny you the financial support that you deserve. You can learn more about this process and our services during your initial case consultation.

We Can Help You Protect Your Right to Financial Support

The police operating in Tucson are awarded certain rights. Those rights allegedly help them protect locals from harm. That does not mean that you do not have legal recourse available to you if you’ve been shot by a police officer. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers will work with you to challenge the party you believe to be liable for your injury or the wrongful death of a loved one.

You can bring your concerns about the police shooting injury to a police shooting lawyer in Tucson, AZ. Contact us, and we can arrange your first case consultation where we can discuss your possible compensation as well as the best path you have toward justice for your losses.

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