In Tucson, private property is regarded as any property owned by an individual, corporation, or a group of companies. Private property could also be considered as any property that is non-government property. Individuals who own private properties owe a duty of care to every visitor and invitee. Part of this duty is to ensure that their property is safe for visitation, and that no one walking around would be suffer injury from an unexpected hazard.

You would think that private property owners would be responsible enough to make sure that their property is safe enough to set foot in, but unfortunately, that is often not the case. If you suffered injuries while visiting someone’s private property, make sure to get in touch with an attorney about what you should do next. An attorney experienced in private property premises liability in Tucson could explain the property laws and whether you are entitled to compensation according to the law. 

How Does the Type of Property Play a Role in a Premises Liability?

The type of the property plays an important role whether it is a residential house, an apartment, or a commercial set of property. This is because a landowner may have different responsibilities depending on the type of property they own. For example, for a homeowner, they are typically responsible for the condition of their home. On the other hand, a commercial property owner, such as the owner of a strip mall, is likely going to have people managing stores. In this situation, there could be several levels of liability starting with the shop owners. 

What Happens When Both Parties are At-Fault?

Instances in which the plaintiff would also be at-fault include negligent contractors. For example, if a contractor fixing roof leaks is using a ladder in an improper manner, such as climbing up the manner while it is facing the other way, and they suffer an injury, they will likely share some type of responsibility. In this instance, the comparative negligence doctrine would come into play. When it does, the plaintiff’s compensation award would be decreased by their percentage of fault. 

Premises Liability Cases Involved Injured Children

There is an exception involving children in premises liability cases. For example, the attractive nuisance doctrine would likely be applied. This means that if a landowner has something on their property that is known to grasp a child’s attention and a child ultimately enters the property with the intent of using, looking at, or playing with the attractive object, a landowner would be held liable in the event of an accident although the child is considered a trespasser if they were an adult.

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Private property injuries happen all the time, but in some cases, they happen as the result of the landowner’s lack of care. If a property owner did not inform you of a certain hazard that led to your injury, you should take the time to learn more about private property premises liability in Tucson with the help of a trusted attorney. Doing so would give you a better idea of what to expect from a premises liability case and whether you would be able to obtain monetary damages. For more insight regarding this topic, call today to schedule a consultation.  

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