Phoenix car accident prevention and two new auto technologies

by Doug Zanes | Last Updated: February 9, 2018

Phoenix car accident lawyers discuss technology and Phoenix car accident prevention

Two amazing developments that can revolutionize auto safety are now having a significant impact on both the auto industry and on Phoenix car accident prevention. Technologies that seemed far-fetched or prohibitively expensive a decade or two ago are now federally-mandated vehicle safety requirements—such as backup cameras and alarms to automatic tire pressure monitors. (This process will only accelerate when GM’s self-driving, steering-wheel-free car hits the consumer market in 2019.) But two cutting-edge developments in particular have some incredible implications for automotive safety.

The Pedestrian Airbag

More than 5,000 pedestrians

are killed, and tens of thousands more seriously injured each year, in car-pedestrian accidents.

GM is combating this, with a patent for an innovative airbag that protects pedestrians from serious injury or death in a car-to-person crash. This airbag is located in the small fender area between a car’s side doors and hood, and it is designed to deploy just before impact.

Most fatal pedestrian accidents aren’t when a pedestrian is bounced away from a vehicle, but when he goes “up and out,” striking the windshield or side posts, rolling over the hood and hitting the ground. This means an airbag that covers the hood and windshield would cushion the pedestrian’s initial impact and prevent the upward flinging motion that can be so catastrophic.

Although the pedestrian airbag isn’t yet commercially available in any GM vehicles, it holds great promise.

Brain-to-Vehicle Technology

If you’ve ever dreamed of telekinesis as a superpower, Nissan’s new brain-to-vehicle technology may seem to bring your dreams to life within the decade. This predictive technology promises to read drivers’ brainwaves to implement the brain’s commands—with a reaction time milliseconds faster than the driver’s own body.

Drivers can still operate the vehicle, but they can enjoy the benefit of a constant autopilot as backup, and the ability to control the gas, brake and steering with nothing more than your thoughts is likely to be an irresistible draw.

While new technologies are making cars (and walking) safer every day, accidents still happen. If you’ve been involved in an accident, contact us to see how we can help. To learn more about the car accident claims process click here.

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