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  • 27 Apr 2018
    Avoiding Phoenix Car Accidents By Turning Your Cell Phone Off
    A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer's Input on Avoiding Car Accidents and Hands-free Cell Phone Usage Everyday in Phoenix there are hundreds of car accidents.  So let's focus on avoiding car accidents in the cell phone age.  Most of us accept the idea that it’s safer to chat on a hands-free device
  • 15 Mar 2018
    Neglecting to Use Turn Signals Properly Contributes to Phoenix Car Accidents
    Phoenix Car Accidents - Input From a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Neglecting to Use Turn Signals Properly Contributes to Hundreds of Phoenix Car Accidents. It seems like such an easy thing for a driver to do: Hit the signal before executing a turn. However, according to research at the Society of Automotive E
  • 02 Mar 2018
    The Tragedy of Backup Automobile Accidents
    A Tucson Car Accident Attorney's Take on the Tragedy of Backup Automobile Accidents The tragedy of backup automobile accidents is real and significant. Working as a car accident lawyer in Tucson and Phoenix I have seen this firsthand. Any auto accident involving injury or death is tragic, but backup automobi
  • 09 Feb 2018
    Phoenix car accident prevention and two new auto technologies
    Phoenix car accident lawyers discuss technology and Phoenix car accident prevention Two amazing developments that can revolutionize auto safety are now having a significant impact on both the auto industry and on Phoenix car accident prevention. Technologies that seemed far-fetched or prohibitively expensive
  • 18 Jan 2018
    Distracted Drivers Cause Car Accidents
    Zanes Law Tucson Car Accident Lawyers Know That Distracted Drivers Cause Car Accidents To combat the dangers of distracted driving, many states have outlawed the use of cell phones while driving, and a single distracted driving ticket can be enough for your auto insurer to drop your policy. This is because d
  • 04 Jan 2018
    Phoenix Accident Lawyer Reviews The Four Biggest Auto Accident Stories of 2017
    Zanes Law Phoenix accident lawyer discusses the major accident stories of 2017. Each year, millions of Americans are involved in auto accidents, but few of these crashes make national news. With 2017 in our collective rear view mirror, as a Phoenix auto accident lawyer I think that it is important to reflect
  • 21 Dec 2017
    Tucson Car Accident Attorney’s Six Tips For The Busiest Travel Days Of the Year
    Tucson Car Accident Attorney's Six Tips For Safe Holiday Driving The AAA reports that traffic increased by 54 percent during Thanksgiving week in 2016, making these days some of the busiest travel days of the year. If you decide to hit the road during high-traffic days, consider these Tucson car accident att
  • 12 Oct 2017
    Causes of Tire Defect Car Accidents
    Causes of Tire Defect Car Accidents Every year, 33,000 tire defect car crashes injure 19,000 people reports the National Transportation Safety Board. Protect yourself and others on the road by becoming aware of common tire defects that can affect your safety. (more…)
  • 11 May 2017
    Seven Swimming Pool Safety Tips
    Seven Swimming Pool Safety Tips From an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer Every year thousands of people are injured in accidents that are completely preventable. So with summer right around the corner, it is extremely important to talk about swimming pool safety.  According to the Centers For Disease Control
  • 23 Dec 2016
    Nightclub Safety – 4 Solid Tips
    Four Tips That Will Help You Stay Safe Nightclub safety is important because there are real dangers that we seldom think about. What could be the common denominator in being injured or killed by a fire or in a shooting?  Surprisingly enough, a night out on the town with friends.  That’s right
  • 30 Jun 2016
    Infographic: Swimming Pool Safety Tips
    As summer approaches, my entire Zanes Law team wants swimming pool safety to be something that everyone in Arizona thinks about. All swimming pool accidents are 100% preventable, so as summer approaches, I believe that it is extremely important to talk about swimming pool safety. We want to keep our children
  • 31 May 2016
    Harambe Shot Dead at Cincinnati Zoo.
    Harambe Shot Dead at Cincinnati Zoo. A gorilla was shot dead after a toddler fell into the gorilla’s habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo. According to multiple news stories, the toddler’s mother looked away for a short minute and during that time her toddler somehow got into the gorilla’s habitat. (mo
  • 22 Feb 2016
    Independence High School Shooting
    Independence High School Shooting Lately, more than ever, it is every parent’s worst nightmare and just last week it happened at Independence High School. (more…)
  • 09 Feb 2016
    Death at University of Arizona
    Death at University of Arizona Last week a hushed and frightened atmosphere hovered over the University of Arizona as hundreds of cops swarmed the large campus in an investigation of a death. (more…)
  • 30 Jan 2014
    Infographic: Surviving a dust storm: Do you know what to do?
    Doug Zanes shares advice on surviving a dust storm. Giant dust storms, popularly called “haboobs,” make for spectacular photos that everyone has seen shared on social media. Dust storms – whether it’s a wall of dust hitting Phoenix or topsoil descending like fog on I-10 between Tucson
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