26 Dec 2019

Video Catches Delivery Driver Destroying Package Deliberately

Police in Detroit, Michigan are looking for a delivery driver who destroyed a package rather than make the delivery he was contracted to do by Amazon.

In a story appearing on Phoenix affiliate ABC 15, surveillance video captured from a neighbor’s security camera shows the driver place the small package under the rear wheel of his delivery van, ring the doorbell, then return to his vehicle to drive over the package multiple times.

The incident happened in the 3500 block of Bellows Court in Detroit on Tuesday, December 17th.  Neighbors who have seen the video have expressed shock at what the driver did rather than deliver the package to the intended recipient.  Further video surveillance footage shows the driver come back around yet again and run over the package once more at a high rate of speed before leaving the scene.

Neighbor George Porretta expressed outrage to ABC reporters saying that after he examined the destroyed package, he found it had been sliced open.  He took it to the neighbor that it was addressed to. The neighbor expressed shock at what had happened to a smart remote control for a garage door that he had ordered from Amazon.

Amazon replaced the item at no cost to the customer, but police are now searching for the driver of the delivery van. The white van is unmarked, which may indicate that the driver was under contract with a third-party delivery service hired to deliver packages for the holiday season.

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