22 Jul 2020

Police Chase A Driver Traveling In A Stolen Car With A Child Inside. The Driver Is Still At Large.

A police chase through the streets of Phoenix early Wednesday morning ended in a crash along Interstate 10. A child was found inside the stolen vehicle.

According to a report filed on the AZ Family website, the incident happened in a parking lot of a business located near the intersection of 16th Street and Washington Street. A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement to reporters that the driver of the vehicle went into the store to make a purchase while leaving the child inside the car with the engine running. An unidentified suspect jumped into the driver’s seat and drove away.

When police later identified the stolen vehicle, the suspect led officers on a chase through the city streets. As the suspect and one of the responding police units were approaching the intersection of Grand Avenue and McKinley Street, a motorist pulled their vehicle in front of the police cruiser. The officer swerved in order to avoid hitting the other car. The police cruiser struck a curb and rolled over onto its side while the suspect drove on, attempting to evade police.

Officials say that the police officer was not seriously injured in the crash.

Police eventually located the stolen car near Chandler Boulevard and Interstate 10 after the suspect driver crashed the vehicle.  The suspect fled the scene on foot, abandoning the vehicle with the child inside. Authorities say that the child was found safe and uninjured and will be reunited with family members.

The suspect is still at large, and the incident is currently under investigation.

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