20 Mar 2019

Truck Carrying Government Missiles Crashes On Interstate

It’s no secret that hazardous materials are transported over our roadways every day. Some items that travel our highways and interstates are also used for our government agencies and defense department and can include a variety of highly dangerous materials. When an accident happens, the Federal Highway Administration has a set of guidelines on how hazardous material (hazmat) teams need to respond to protect the public and environment properly.

One such accident unfolded recently on Interstate 90 in Idaho on Friday, March 8th. According to a story reported on the Muskogee Phoenix website, a semi-tractor trailer rig carrying six missiles, each weighing a ton, crashed on the Interstate.

Idaho State Police officers said in a statement that the accident happened at approximately 7:15 p.m. when the driver, Mark W. Dearinger, 47, a resident of Chickasha, Oklahoma was heading eastbound on Interstate 90 when he lost control of his 18-wheeler.  Dearinger was driving through Idaho’s State Transportation Department and made a wrong turn, driving his rig into a hazmat containment area at the checkpoint rather than merging back onto the Interstate. Dearinger drove his vehicle over a snowbank, disabling the truck.

Hazmat crews along with explosive ordnance disposal personnel from Fairchild Air Force Base came to assist in properly handling the six missiles that were on board the truck.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

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