15 Jan 2020

Dashcam Catches Semi Truck Going Wrong Way Down I-10

Dashcam video taken from the vehicle of an area college student shows an 18-wheeler traveling the wrong way on Interstate 10 near Tonopah early Tuesday evening.

The AZ Family website reported that harrowing experience was captured on film just after 7:30 p.m. when  Kyle Christopherson was driving down the Interstate passing an 18-wheeler when he saw a pair of headlights heading toward him on his side of the road.

“I noticed it was a semi-truck coming very fast towards my vehicle, and luckily the semi-truck I was passing scooted over. So then I scooted over into that lane, and that semi-truck blew by me like it was nothing,” he said.  Christopherson also said the wrong-way semi driver didn’t honk or flash his lights either.

The dashcam video shows the semi-tractor trailer rig driving on the shoulder of the Interstate as if it is the lane of a divided highway.

After arriving at classes that evening, Christopherson said fellow students also reported seeing the same 18 wheeler traveling the wrong way on the Interstate. It is believed that the big rig may have been traveling the wrong direction for as long as two miles.  Christopherson reacted with some anger about what happened. “Why are you driving on the side of the road?” he asked. “You can kill people. There could be a family that doesn’t see it.”

Arizona DPS has been notified about the wrong-way incident. No further information has been released.

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