21 Nov 2019

Tempe Considering Lowering Speed Limits

Officials in Tempe have announced efforts to make the city safer by lowering or preventing crashes on its streets. One of the proposed ways that are meant to accomplish this is by reducing the speed limit on city streets.

According to a report filed by AZ Central on its website, staff with the city of Tempe are suggesting lowering the speed limit on streets across the city such as arterials and collector streets from Curry Road and extending to the south city limits.

The city is proposing the following speed limit reductions:

  • 40 miles per hour on arterials with low bicycle and pedestrian use.
  • 35 miles per hour on arterial streets, which have medium bicycle and pedestrian use.
  • 30 miles per hour on streets that have high bicycle and pedestrian usage.
  • 25 miles per hour on all streets with high traffic activity.
  • 20 -25 miles per hour for streets in residential neighborhoods.

Officials say that the only arterial with a speed limit lowered to 25 miles per hour would be Mill Avenue between Rio Salado Avenue Parkway and University Drive.  Speed limits on collector streets would be reduced to speed limits between 25 and 35 miles per hour, depending on usage.

City officials are inviting Tempe Residents to provide feedback and commentary for the proposed changes at informational meetings that will be held during the remainder of 2019 and at the city website at Tempe.gov.

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