Pets and the Rising Heat!

We all know what to do now that summer is in full swing in Arizona – we stick to the highly specific regime of:

  1. Water
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Air conditioned rooms and buildings
  4. Water

You get the point!

But time and time again we hear stories not of humans being burned by the sun but pets instead…

We know our Zanes community out there is a BIG lover of animals and many of you have dogs as well…

Dogs that have to be walked…

We know that so many of the big (and little) dogs out there need their daily walks to let out energy, do their doggie duties and just plain run around and have fun…

Many of you also know that the ground during this time of year can be EXTREMELY HOT…

How hot?











According to the chart above provided by Petplan, 75 degree weather may be beautiful to us with sandals on and a cool tee but for pets with exposed and highly sensitive pads, it time to keep an eye on your pet…

Once reach 85 to 95 degrees, the heat generated from the sun onto ground and surrounding things can be dangerous for your pet…

Often times we forget that pets, especially dogs, have their paws and pads directly on the ground and asphalt…

In other words, the temperature in the air can be vastly different from what the ground temperature is…

For instance:

Temperature outside: 77 degrees which means the asphalt is 125 degrees!

And it only goes up from there!

Remember the basics we listed above?

They apply to our animals too (minus the sunscreen :))

Keep your pets indoors where it is cool and they have access to fresh water throughout the day…

Left outside for too long, your pet can suffer from heat exhaustion or die.

If you see an animal outside in the heat or in a parked car, call your local animal protection service immediately or get help.

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