10 Dec 2019

Public Safety Director Questioned About Special Treatment From Police After Speeding Incident

KPNX Channel 12 in Phoenix reports that Department of Public Safety Director, Colonel Frank Milstead is facing increased scrutiny after an incident that happened in October near Camp Verde.

In October, the head of DPS was pulled over by a Yavapai Sheriff’s Department deputy for driving erratically and driving at speeds over 90 miles per hour on Interstate 17. The Yavapai Sheriff’s Department released a body camera video from the deputy.  In it is shown Colonel Milstead passing his badge to the deputy and joking with the deputy about driving too fast.

The Yavapai Sheriff’s deputy let Milstead off with a warning.

Milstead later released a statement saying he was sorry about the incident, but the Yavapai Sheriff’s Deputy, who had stopped him for speeding, had acted professionally.

Public records show that this is not the first time that Milstead has had regarding excessive speed behind the wheel.  In 2011, while Milstead was the Chief of Police in Mesa, he rolled his Porsche Carrera 4S Convertible.

During the investigation that was conducted about the incident in 2014, many were questioning whether Milstead received special consideration after suspicions were raised that Milstead had been DUI at the time. According to a report filed by KPNX in 2014, expert testimony and 40 pages missing from an official document issued at the time raises concerns over special treatment for Milstead.

KPNX reporter, Brahm Resnik, recently released on Twitter a clip of an interview with Governor Doug Ducey. Ducey commented that “Milstead is one of the good guys,” and that he is standing by the DPS head.

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