4 Feb 2020

Phoenix City Developing Plan To Curb Traffic Fatalities

On Tuesday, January 28th, the Mayor’s Office in Phoenix held a work-study session to determine whether the city will reactivate red light cameras.  The cameras were deactivated for a little over a month ago.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reported that the office of Mayor Kate Gallego released a statement that the work-study session would “….evaluate, identify, and select locations for red-light cameras, and the procurement of a new contract.”

Currently, 1,150 intersections within Phoenix have a traffic signal. 1,520 crashes involving motorists running red lights occur annually. Officials estimate that approximately 90 people die each year as a result of these crashes.

In November, the Phoenix City Council voted 5 – 4 to allow the contract the City had with camera company, Redflex, to expire. Under the contract, Redflex would not only continue to operate red-light cameras at intersections within Phoenix but the spending would increase by $800,000. The contract would have been extended to the end of 2020. The City spent $4 million the previous year.

The work-study session with the Mayor’s Office will look at the last three years of data to determine which of 12 -24 intersections would have the cameras turned back on.

Because the City is notorious for having some of the highest rates of traffic-related fatalities in the U.S., Phoenix’s Street Transportation Department urged city leaders who are participating in the session to consider which intersections have the highest number of fatalities of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Phoenix city officials are proposing a total of 24 fixed cameras and 16 radar vans to be installed in school zones and areas with high pedestrian traffic. The proposed contract length is five years.

Officials with Operation Safe Roads will be monitoring the outcome of the work-study session.

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