30 Oct 2019

Man Searches For Those Who Helped Him After Crash

A man who was struck by a motorist is looking for the Good Samaritans that helped him after a hit-and-run crash that happened earlier this month that put him in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

KVOA in Tucson reports that on October 19th, Edward Schevill was in a crash that happened at the intersection of Columbus Boulevard and Grant Road when his vehicle was struck by a motorist who is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.  

According to police reports, the driver attempted to flee the scene of the crash but was apprehended by police a short distance from the scene of the accident.

The crash left Schevill trapped inside his vehicle that had begun to smoke, and the impact from the collision jammed the doors of his car shut. That’s when two Good Samaritans calmly helped Schevill out of his smoking car and to safety.

“The way he identified himself, the way he gently said let’s sit over there,” Schevill described the man’s demeanor. “He (the man) nothing about we gotta be careful. Just relaxed, calm,” he said. 

Schevill suffered non-life threatening injuries to his head, neck, knee, ribs, and sternum, and had to undergo surgery to his knee. After a week, Schevill was released from the hospital. 

Though his beloved car ended up being a total loss, now Schevill is searching for those two men that helped him to express his gratitude for their assistance when he needed it the most. “I would just tell him again I don’t know if you know what you did guy or what you do, but damn it, I want you to hear it from me,” Schevill said.

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