6 Mar 2019

Infant Critically Injured After Rough Handling By Babysitter

Taking care of very young children and babies can be stressful. As precious and wonderful as they are, newborns can cry for seemingly no reason and it can be difficult to get them to stop. Young or inexperienced parents may not know what to do and if nothing seems to help, tempers can flare. In such a situation a frustrated adult may not be as careful as they need to be. As a result, such rough handling of very young children in the heat of the moment can cause tragic consequences.

Fox10 in Phoenix reports on a situation involving a man from North Texas who was arrested after he allegedly injured an 8-month-old infant he was caring for was critically injured.

The incident happened on Valentine’s Day. Authorities say that Kaleb Ray Eisenmann, 20, of Springtown, Texas was arrested on the charge of causing injury an infant. The baby that Eisenmann had been caring for suffered severe head trauma.

Eisenman had been watching the infant along with a 2-year-old and 6-year old while their mother, Eisenmann’s girlfriend, was at work that day.

In a statement, Parker County Sheriff’s Department report said that after the children’s mother returned home, Eisenmann called and told his girlfriend that the 8-month-old was, “not breathing right because of a cold.” Upon returning home, the baby’s mother had noted that the child was lethargic, pale and acting abnormally. Causing further alarm, the infant had a seizure on the way to the emergency room.

The infant was immediately transported from an area hospital to Cook Children’s Medical Center for treatment. The child is currently in the neonatal intensive care unit and is listed in critical condition. Doctors say that the baby’s injuries are consistent to those in children who have suffered from abuse. The baby also had suffered bruises on his stomach.

Police arrested Eisenmann who later admitted that he could not get the baby to stop crying and handled him roughly when taking him out of the baby swing and setting him back down again too hard.

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