29 Nov 2019

Injured Hiker Sues City For Unwanted Airlift From Trail

A female hiker who had to be rescued in June is now suing the city of Phoenix for $2 million after she claims that when she was airlifted off of Piestewa Peak, the stretcher she was in spun and caused injury to her spine.

According to a report filed by US News and World Report, 74-year-old Katalin Metro became dizzy and disoriented while she was hiking on the trail with her husband. Rescuers were called to the site to help transport her off the mountain. Metro claims she did not want to be airlifted.

During the helicopter rescue, Metro claims that the Stokes basket or stretcher she was in began to spin wildly. It is estimated that the Stokes basket spun more than 175 times during her rescue, resulting in both physical and emotional injury.

Metro was taken to John C. Medical Center, and a staff doctor confirmed that she had suffered brain swelling which affected her eyes, soft tissue swelling in her skull, and other brain trauma injuries.

The extent of Metro’s injuries has cost her and her husband George more than $300,000 in medical bills.

The couple filed their lawsuit against the City of Phoenix on Tuesday, November 26th. According to documents filed with the Court, the couple alleges:

Kaitlin Metro’s injuries were caused or contributed to by the negligence, negligence per se, gross negligence, carelessness, and/or other fault on the part of the City of Phoenix.”

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