26 Feb 2019

Cold Weather Driving Tips

This is the time of year when drivers need to be extra careful when setting out. In Arizona, we aren’t quite as used to the cold wintry weather. While other areas of the country are used to snow and icy conditions can make roads slippery and hazardous, it’s especially important to prepare before setting out.

According to a story appearing on the ABC affiliate station in Phoenix told the story of one driver who got into an accident for not properly clearing the ice off his windshield.

A spokesperson from the Phoenix Police Department said that the accident happened on Wednesday morning at the intersection of 64th Street and Thunderbird Road when a driver, whose view was obstructed by ice, crashed into a traffic signal control box at the intersection. Police were on scene to direct drivers during the morning commute since the signals were disabled.

In addition to driving at lower rates of speed, it’s important to be aware of black ice and other potential road hazards during the winter months. Phoenix drivers can better prepare with some of the following cold weather driving tips.

  • Be sure to have an ice scraper and brush in your vehicle to break up and clear away ice and snow that has fallen and can lower visibility.
  • When wintry weather conditions are present, consider covering your windshield with a piece of cardboard or other material that will keep windows cleared.
  • Warming your vehicle up slowly rather than putting the heater or defroster on full blast can prevent windows from becoming fogged up.
  • Consider switching from the regular wiper fluid that you normally use to one that acts as a deicer. You can also make up a solution containing rubbing alcohol, salt water or white vinegar that will resist freezing to quickly clear the ice off of your car’s windows.
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