12 Mar 2019

Big-Rig Goes Off Road And Catches Fire On I-10

Many people in the trucking industry drive with a partner or co-driver. This type of team arrangement can help truckers make deliveries in time in a safe and efficient manner. Yet even with two people in the cab, things can go wrong. A fiery crash along Interstate 10 has resulted in the death of a semi-truck co-driver last month when their rig went off the road and caught fire.

According to a story appearing on the Fox 10 Phoenix website, the accident happened on February 14th in Tucson just after 8:00 a.m. in Lane 1 of the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 between Benton and Wilcox at milepost 318.

Arizona Department of Public Safety investigators say that the big rig rolled and then burst into flame. The co-driver, who was in the passenger seat at the time of the crash, was trapped inside the truck’s cab. The co-driver was later pronounced dead at the scene.

DPS restricted the area to traffic along Interstate 10 to one lane for a number of hours while crash investigators studied what happened. Clean-up crews were on the scene to take care of the spilled cargo and fuel.

No word has been released about the driver of the big rig. The identity of the victim has also not been released by authorities.


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