17 Jun 2020

An Infant Dies After A Foster Parent Leaves The Child In A Hot Car

The hot and ardent summers can be fun, but the season also presents other dangers that can be life-threatening. The state of Arizona is ranked as one of the worst states in the country when it comes to annual hot car deaths of children and pets. Tragically, 13 children died in our states the result of being left in a hot vehicle in 2019.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports the tragic death of a four-month-old Samora Cousin, who was left in a hot vehicle by her foster father.

The Arizona  Department of Child Protective Safety (ADCS) recently released more information about the incident that happened on October 1, 2019, when Roger Young-Ham forgot baby Samora in the back seat of his vehicle.  Unaware of the child, Young-Ham headed into his job at Washington Elementary School’s District Service Center.

The infant had been placed in foster care after authorities found she tested positive for exposure to methamphetamines.  An autopsy of the baby found that she died as a result of heat exposure.  At the time, authorities ruled the incident as an accident, and no charges were filed against Young-Ham at the time.

The ADCS released new information about the case found that at the time of the incident, Young-Ham was considered an “unlicensed kinship placement” of baby Samora. Young-Ham’s foster license expired in 2010.

Now officials are saying that ADCS had investigated Young-Ham in the past for an unrelated incident.  Investigators are deciding whether Young-Ham will be facing charges of negligent homicide.

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