24 Sep 2019

Aircraft Crash Claims Life Of Police Veteran

A crash near Benson on Wednesday, September 4th that involved an ultra-light aircraft has claimed the life of a 24- year veteran of the Tucson Police Department.

The AZ Family recently reported on its website that Sgt. Timothy Froebe was working on refurbishing the single occupant aircraft and had taken it out for a test flight when he began experiencing problems with the small airplane.

Witnesses to the crash said that they could hear Froebe attempting to manipulate the throttle just before the crash. Froebe was pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesperson with the Tucson Police Department said in a statement that since joining the department in 1995, Sgt. Froebe had won numerous awards including the Medal of Merit, the Chief’s Citation of Excellence, and the Medal of Distinguished Service. Along with two other members of the Tucson Police Department, Froebe was recognized for his outstanding service at the Unsung Heroes Celebration was hosted by the Tucson Police Foundation in 2012.

Sgt. Froebe had recently become the supervisor for the department’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit. Before joining the police force in Tucson, Froebe served in the United States Marine Corps for 34 years, achieving the rank of Colonel.

Sgt. Froebe leaves behind a wife and four children.

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