25 Mar 2020

A Tanker Explodes Off Of Interstate 40, The Fire Lasting Into The Morning Hours

A fiery crash involving a tanker truck in Flagstaff along Interstate 40 last week has left one person injured.

In an article appearing in the Arizona Sun, the accident happened on Tuesday, March 17th, at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Butler Avenue near the Interstate 40 bridge.

Eyewitnesses to the crash told investigators that the truck sped off the eastbound off-ramp and flipped onto its side. Witnesses said that a large explosion occurred only a short time later.

According to a statement made by the Arizona Department of Public Transportation (ADOT), the female driver of the tanker truck was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Authorities say that she suffered possible injuries to her leg during the crash.  The truck driver’s identity and current condition have not been released. She is, however, expected to be ok.

The fire from the tanker truck burned well into the following morning. The ADOT said that the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 had to be closed while emergency and Hazmat crews cleaned up the area.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the crash.

Steve Elliot, a spokesperson for the ADOT, said in a statement that engineers have inspected the area of the highway where the crash occurred. Investigators found that the overpass did not receive any significant damage from the crash or the tanker fire.

According to Elliot, the bridge will need to receive some minor patching to a pier cap on the overpass and a powerwash.

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