15 Jun 2020

A San Diego Police Officer Saves Daughters In An Attempted Murder Incident

A San Diego Police officer is being hailed as a hero for his role in a recent rescue of a man and his twin daughters in San Diego over the weekend.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that early Saturday morning, dispatchers in the communication center of the San Diego Police Department received a call from a frantic mother. She told them that her husband had taken their two-year-old twin daughters while threatening to drive them and himself off of the Coronado Bridge.

According to SDPD spokesperson, Shawn Takeuchi, police requested a location of the man’s cellphone from his cellular provider.  A short time later, police were able to locate him near the Sunset Cliffs, sitting in his Dodge pickup truck.

San Diego K9 Officer Jonathan Wiese spotted the truck at approximately 5:09 a.m. sitting near the edge of the cliffs. Officer Wiese radioed for backup before approaching the truck. Moments, later the pickup barreled toward the edge of the cliffs at an estimated speed of 70 miles per hour when it broke through the barricade, went sailing over the edge of the cliff and landed in the ocean below.

Using a 100-foot long dog tether in his vehicle, Officer Wiese rappelled down the cliff face to reach the truck, which was upside down in the water.  Aided by lifeguards, firefighters, and other officers at the scene, Wiese was able to free the two girls and their father from the vehicle to some nearby rocks.

The children were taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for treatment. Their current condition had not been released at the time of the report.

Police say that the girls’ father was taken into custody on the charge of attempted murder. His identity has not been released.

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