2 Apr 2020

A Pedestrian Was Struck And Killed By A Garbage Truck

When traveling on foot, it is always advisable to wear bright-colored clothing or a reflective vest so that drivers in vehicles can see you. This practice is especially important when walking or sitting on the roadside at night. 

Police in Scottsdale are investigating a fatal crash involving a pedestrian and a City of Scottsdale trash truck that happened on Wednesday.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reported on its website that emergency crews received a call from the area around Indian School Road and Granite Reef Road requesting help in the early morning hours of Wednesday, April 1st.

Authorities say that 34-year-old Freddy Tombo had been sleeping in an alleyway underneath some trash when he was run over by the city garbage truck. The truck had been doing its routine garbage collecting in the area near Camelback Road when it struck Tombo. The driver of the truck did not see Tombo, neither did the driver notice that they struck a pedestrian.

Sadly, Tombo, who was known by police offers to be transient in the area, was pronounced dead at the scene as the result of the injuries he received in the incident.

According to the statement issued by the Scottsdale Police Department, Tombo had been wearing dark-colored clothing and had been covered up by a pile of refuse. Investigators believe that it was probably difficult for the driver of the trash truck to have seen Tombo before he was run over. 

The accident is still currently under investigation by the Scottsdale Police Department. Currently, no charges have been brought against the driver.


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