21 May 2020

A Driver Experiences Only Minor Injuries After A Rollover Accident

Whether you are in an SUV, passenger vehicle, or even a commercial truck, any vehicle can rollover if traveling at high speeds or if recklessly driving. A rollover crash is a crash where a car tips and rolls over, resulting in a total loss of control of the vehicle. 

Rollover crashes can have several causes, and it can be terrifying to anyone who experiences it. However, many fail to realize that rollover crashes don’t only affect drivers and their passengers. Other drivers and even businesses can be affected as well. 

When a rollover crash involves a big rig or another type of commercial vehicle, any other vehicle may experience damage, and innocent bystanders may become injured.

Fox 10 in Phoenix reports that a rollover incident happened on Wednesday, May 13th, in Phoenix last week involving a cement truck near the intersection of Buckeye Road and 35th Avenue. Fortunately, only one vehicle was involved, and one person was injured in the accident.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement that the accident was a single-vehicle crash and that the mixer truck spilled some of its load onto the pavement. Crews spent several hours cleaning up the accident. 

Authorities say that the driver suffered only minor injuries in the accident, and they are expected to be ok.

The accident happened in a mostly industrial area of Phoenix. Northbound lanes and all traffic in the area around the crash site was redirected while crews cleaned up the spill and righted the cement mixer truck. 

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