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17 Jul 2020

A Chemical Leak At Amazon Warehouse Sparks A Fire

Morning commuters in Phoenix along Interstate 10 in both directions were backed up due to a hazmat fire that broke out at Amazon’s west Phoenix warehouse on Thursday.

According to the story filed by the Arizona Republic,  Amazon’s Fulfillment Center and warehouse located in west Phoenix was evacuated due to a fire caused by a hazardous chemical leak inside a trailer.  

Phoenix Fire Captain, Todd Keller told reporters that firefighters are taking extra precautions because it involves hazardous materials. This is not a normal job the firefighters are taking on; this accident requires special care and diligence.

“We’re going to take this real slow,” Keller said, “We are going to set up in the hot zone, make a safe perimeter so we can keep everybody out of that contaminated area.”

The surrounding area in all directions, which included both residents and businesses, was evacuated.  Amazon sent workers home as a precaution to keep them safe.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety shut down Interstate 10 from 67th Avenue to 83rd Avenue. Additionally, the Phoenix Police shut down the area around North 75th Avenue and West McDowell and Buckeye Roads over concern of winds blowing the smoke to the northeast. Residents in an apartment complex located within the 1,000-yard area surrounding the plant were instructed to shelter in place and to turn off air conditioning equipment.

No injuries have been reported in connection with the incident.  

So far, fire officials and investigators are unsure what caused the fire. 

This is a developing story.

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