A Good Samaritan Was Injured In A Complex, Multi-Vehicle Accident

A woman who attempted to be a Good Samaritan and assist a motorcyclist who had been injured in a crash found her self in an accident where she sustained serious injuries.

AZ Central reported on its website that the accident happened on Monday, March 16th, along Interstate 10 near Buckeye Road.  According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson, Bart Graves, the initial crash involved a motorcycle, a tractor-trailer rig, and two passenger vehicles.

Investigators believe that the 18-wheeler struck the motorcyclist, who was knocked off their vehicle.   The injured biker was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. His identity was not released at the time of the report.

Graves told reporter Chelsea Curtis that the woman attempted to help the motorcyclist, but she was struck by a Toyota.

The woman was also taken to the hospital by ambulance with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

DPS troopers were at the scene of the crash for most of the afternoon on Monday to try to piece together what caused the crash. At current, no new information about the cause of the crash has been released to the public.

In order to perform their investigation, authorities closed the freeway at the Interstate 17 interchange, and traffic was re-routed to exit I-10 north onto north Interstate 17.  As of 4:30 P.M. that afternoon, freeway traffic remained snarled and was backed up as much as five miles while DPS continued their investigation.

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