Should I Release My Medical Records to the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster?

Should I Release My Medical Records to the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster?

You should never release any medical information or records to the other insurance company without first consulting with a lawyer. It is essential to keep in mind that the other insurance company is representing the other party and they are not in business to protect your legal rights.

The insurance adjuster may use anything that you say, or release to them, against you which can affect your compensation amount or your eligibility to collect any compensation.

Necessary Versus Unnecessary Medical Records

There are also some things that you can expect the other insurance company adjuster to request, as well as records that you should never authorize to them.

You can expect requests for medical reports or records that are directly related to injuries from the car accident. These might include a physician statement, diagnostic imaging, medical invoices, or physician recommendations. You should never offer any medical documents that are not directly related to the accident including previous medical reports or prescription medical lists.

How Medical Records Can Help With a Car Accident Case

You might wonder why the insurance company wants access to your medical records in the first place. Evaluating medical needs and costs is an integral part of determining the value of a case. It is likely that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will use this information as a part of their settlement offer.

However, by offering unnecessary medical information such as pre-existing medical paperwork, they may try to use this information against you in an attempt to minimize your damages.

Other Information to Avoid Offering

Every insurance company is different, and each one has their own requirements and policies to follow. This means that your experience with each insurance company may differ significantly. If the other insurance company requests any of the following, it is best to avoid before first discussing your case with your own legal representation.

  • Recorded statement: It is best to avoid all recorded statements.
  • Accepting fault: Never accept any degree of fault.
  • Statements about what happened: Avoid making statements about what happened if you are unsure. Making statements that are false or questionable can be harmful to your case.

Keep in mind that you are not legally required to communicate with the other insurance company. You are allowed to have your legal representative, as well as your own insurance representative on the line also.

While it may not be as big of a deal to discuss the details of a minor accident with the other insurance company representative, it can be harmful to your case if you are dealing with severe injuries. The other insurance company may use the information that you give them against you when evaluating your compensation amount.

How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Assist You With Your Case

When you work with a car accident lawyer that is familiar with Arizona’s laws and insurance claims processes, you know that they are representing you with your best interest in mind. The other insurance company will look for any reason to avoid payment or to reduce the payment amount they offer. It is crucial to be careful of the information that you provide to them.

A car accident lawyer can help your case in the following ways:

  • Offer consultation on which documents are necessary to provide to the other insurance company
  • Manage communications with insurance companies
  • Collect important documents to determine fault
  • File an appeal if the insurance company denies your claim
  • Navigate the legal process on your behalf

Discuss Your Case with an Arizona Car Accident Lawyer Today

The time immediately following a car accident can be overwhelming. You may have to manage multiple medical visits while also taking time off work to recover. During this time, you might even have insurance representatives calling you to find out what happened.

While it may not initially seem like a big deal to discuss the case with anyone, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may use the information you tell them, against you. You might not even realize that you are saying something that is harmful to your case during the hectic time after an accident.

It is important to have a lawyer that you can trust to protect your legal rights following a car accident. Schedule a free case evaluation today with a car accident lawyer at Zanes Law Injury Lawyers at 866-499-8989 to discuss your options going forward. You can reach a lawyer 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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