Can I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer?

Can I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you can fire your car accident lawyer. However, it is important to do so for the right reasons and to ensure that you have another lawyer ready to take your case before you terminate your contract.

You might be experiencing frustration, disappointment, or even anger with your current personal injury attorney, but do not let these emotions get in the way of making a reasonable decision and terminating the lawyer’s services properly.

Common Reasons for Firing a Car Accident Lawyer

Put together a list of reasons why you think you need to fire your car accident lawyer. Some common and legitimate reasons include the following:

  • Poor Communication: You have a hard time getting your lawyer to answer the phone, respond to voice mails, emails, texts, etc. The lack of updates leaves you feeling completely unknowledgeable about the status of your case.
  • Difference of Opinion on Strategy: You have gone along with your lawyer’s strategy to date, but you have reached an impasse with some critical aspect of the case — perhaps the amount of damages you want to try to recover, whether to settle, etc., and you do not see yourself being able to move past your ideas of how the attorney should handle your case.
  • Lack of Professionalism: You tried to look past it, but the fact that your lawyer arrives late for meetings, shows up to court unprepared, or strikes you as consistently disorganized or untrustworthy seems to be hurting your case.
  • Incompetence: Your lawyer impressed you in the initial consultation. He seemed to know all the buzzwords and he did a lot of name-dropping. As your case proceeded, though, you started having doubts. Now you have seen enough to know the lawyer you hired does not have the knowledge or skills required to get you the outcome you need.
  • Disinterest or Lack of Dedication: Another case of “bait and switch,” your lawyer only had eyes for you in your initial consultation. He charmed you and convinced you of his passion and interest in your case. You shook hands, signed the dotted line, and he turned into another person. The attorney you see now shows no interest, passion, or compassion for you or your case, and the lack of dedication is starting to show in the results you are getting.

Having considered some of the common, legitimate reasons why people fire their lawyers, you are ready to take the next step in your own attorney-client relationship.

Decide Whether You Really Want to Fire Your Car Accident Lawyer

The first thing you need to do in your situation is to think clearly about why you want to fire your attorney. It is a good exercise that will help you either:

Talk to Your Current Car Accident Lawyer About Your Concerns

This step is optional, of course. Maybe you feel you have already given your attorney all the chances you can afford. Consider the option, though. When it comes down to possibly losing you as a client, your lawyer just might surprise you with a change for the better.

Review Your Legal Services Contract

Read all the fine print in your existing contract. Try to follow any procedures laid out for ending your attorney-client agreement. It might make for a smoother transition.

Hire Your New Car Accident Lawyer

Speaking of smooth transitions, you will want to have your new lawyer in place before firing your current attorney. You never know what types of legal issues from your case might crop up in this time, and you do not want to be between lawyers when these situations arise. Your new lawyer will handle these matters so you do not have to and risk making a move that will harm your case.

Terminate Your Current Car Accident Lawyer in a Written Letter

Write a clean, professional, to-the-point letter that spells out that “this letter constitutes a termination of our attorney-client relationship.” Detail all the contact information for your new lawyer and ask that all files related to your case be sent to that address.

Finally — and this is important — be sure you deliver the letter in a way that can be tracked, dated, and time-stamped with regard to delivery and receipt.

If You Are Engaged in Trial, Notify the Court of Your New Car Accident Lawyer

Usually, this step is handled by each attorney, via motions to the court. Still, you should be on top of the matter and make sure it happens simultaneously to your terminating your old lawyer.

If You Are Looking for a New Car Accident Lawyer, Call Zanes Law

Zanes Law understands how frustrating it can be to find you have signed up with the wrong lawyer. See the difference of working with a car accident lawyer from Zanes Law. We will do everything from A to Z to pick up your case swiftly and champion your rights for compensation. Call our firm today at 866-499-8989. And remember, it costs you nothing upfront to hire an injury lawyer.

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