Hiking Safety Tips in Arizona

Hiking Safety Tips in Arizona Hiking safety tips in Arizona are being brought to you by the personal injury attorneys at Zanes Law because we want everyone to be safe on the trails.

Hiking Safety Tips in Arizona. The weather in Arizona has hit the triple digits and it’s not cooling down.

Unfortunately, there has been multiple hiking/weather related deaths by locals and visitors that could have been avoided if the hikers were prepared.

When planning a hike or any outdoor physical activity,  keep these tips in mind:

  • Hydrate with water the day before your planned hike.
  • Upon waking, drink a minimum of 30 ounces of water before your hike.
  • Carry at least another gallon of water per person on your hike.
  • Plan to end your hike before 8:00am (that is not a typo!) Hikes should start as early as 5:00am to beat the heat.
  • Tell someone at home when you’re leaving, where you will be, and what time you should be home.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and bring snacks to keep your energy up.

If possible, avoid all hiking during the hottest months of the summer June, July, and August.

Do you think hiking trails should be closed entirely during the hot summer months? This week an out-of-town visitor was found dead on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. Unfortunately, visitors are unaware of how hot it can get in Arizona and are excited to hike our beautiful trails. Click here to leave your feedback on our Facebook page. 

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