The dangerous and defective drug team from Zanes Law is ready to go to work on your case today. Our team offers a low-stress way to navigate the legal process and pursue the financial recovery you deserve if we can prove a drug company’s negligence caused your health condition. Zanes Law is the right law firm to handle your Zantac cancer lawsuit.

Zanes Law offers free case evaluations to those who believe they may have a viable Zantac cancer case. We can discuss the facts of your situation at no cost to you, determining if you may be eligible to pursue your related damages. These may include medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.

We Know How to Navigate Dangerous Drugs Cases

Dangerous drug cases are not always as straightforward as many personal injury claims can be. The claimants in these situations are individuals who believe they have been wronged by a pharmaceutical company or another large corporation. While we do not back down from any opponent, we can sometimes partner with other professionals who have similar cases to share costs. This is often possible through multidistrict litigation, known as MDL.

MDL 2924, the mass tort for many Zantac cancer cases, is already underway according to the United States Judicial Panel of the Multidistrict Litigation. We may be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf and join those already participating in this tort. The number of claimants in this mass tort is likely to rise dramatically in the coming months, as MDL 2924 is still in its earliest stages. Your case could be part of this growth.

Because MDL assigns all related cases to one court, we can work with other representatives to combine resources, including:

  • Contracting experts with relevant insights
  • Establishing common links between our clients and Zantac-related conditions
  • Negotiating with the responsible party for a settlement that covers every case’s compounded losses

Our attorneys know how to represent you throughout this process while also helping you understand your options as they become available. Zanes Law is the right law firm to handle your Zantac cancer lawsuit. We hope to uphold your best interests while you spend time with your family.

All Medications Must be Safe to Enter the Market

Just like any other product liability case, we will have to prove the four elements of negligence in your situation.

These factors include:

  • Duty of care. The drug manufacturer has an obligation to only release products onto the market that are safe for use and consumption.
  • Breach of duty of care. We will have to prove that the responsible party violated their obligation of care by allowing a harmful drug to be used by others.
  • Causation. Using your medical records, we will need to establish a firm link between your health condition and Zantac, or otherwise demonstrate probable cause.
  • Damages. We will need to show that as a result of this medication, you suffered otherwise avoidable outcomes that have impacted your quality of life.

A legal professional can provide you with more details on what this process may entail.

Our Team Can Take on Your Legal Burdens

Our goal is to minimize your stress while we handle your case. Working with a dedicated team of professionals can promote your claim’s success and provide the support you need.

Other services that we perform include:

  • Promptly filing your claim, whether it be by itself or in a mass tort
  • Reviewing legal precedents for dangerous drug cases
  • Collecting evidence that supports your Zantac-related health diagnosis
  • Working to have your case fall before your state’s statute of limitations
  • Keeping you informed of your legal rights as your case progresses
  • Protecting your rights throughout proceedings

You are likely experiencing a flurry of anger, sadness, and frustration after coming to terms with your situation. We empathize with how you may be feeling and take the outcome of your case just as seriously as you do. You should be able to focus on your health and happiness during this challenging time. The right law firm to handle your Zantac cancer lawsuit is Zanes Law.

Zanes Law Can Seek Financial Recovery on Your Behalf

If you believe you have a case against Zantac or ranitidine based on your cancer diagnosis, a member of our team can review your case for free today. If we determine that you are eligible to pursue compensation, we can help you sign up for our representation the same day.

Our team knows how to build a case to support your claim and pursue compensation based on that evidence. We can request your relevant medical records, document your expenses and losses related to your diagnosis, prove you used Zantac, and take other measures to ensure you receive the financial recovery you need.

Recovering Compensation if a Loved One Passed Away

If a member of your immediate family passed away after using Zantac or another ranitidine-related drug, you may be able to pursue damages through a wrongful death claim. We will review your case for free and explain how this process works based on the laws of your state.

Zanes Law, The Right Law Firm to Handle Your Zantac Cancer Lawsuit Today

An attorney from Zanes Law who is familiar with dangerous drug cases can discuss your rights with you over the phone today. To start with a free, no-obligation consultation, call our team at (866) 499-8989.

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